The Fuji GX680 MKI & 135mm f5.6 Lens

DSC_1111Fast forward to what I’m using film wise at the moment. The above camera is as close as I can get to large format, keeping it to 120mm film (Medium Format) It’s a beast to say the least… it’s hardly your convenient candid Leica M3 size. Sometimes we need a little more resolution to play with & this gives me a comfortable 6×8 negative.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 07.07.24As mentioned above ‘as close as I can get to large format’ the reason behind this, is this  particular camera has the ability to tilt & shift, there’s not many other camera’s out there in this format that can do this without the need for expensive niche lenses! I can control the lovely soft focus & perspective on my intended portraiture with this camera. I found the camera relatively easy to operate with interchangeable backs as well as a Polaroid, I’ve ordered a load of FP-3000 instant black & white film from Germany (I believe Fuji are no longer making this!) Instant pics to follow.

Below are images taken from my first shoot with this camera & also my first home developed 120mm with the lovely Samantha, location Warkton & Weekley –

img582-3 img575-3img581-3 img577-3Pictures taken on Fuji Neopan Acros 100

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