Old With The New

This is a recent casual shoot I did with the lovely Erin, taken on both Leica’s, the M240 & a 1957  M3. I’m not going to write a digital vs film comparison, as I think each have their own equal merits & qualities. It actually feels quite pleasant to have both cameras around my neck & to be able to pick either whilst shooting.

These first set of images are off the M3 film camera . Images taken with a 1957, 50mm Summicron lens with which I thought I’d try with a yellow filter fitted to alter contrast. Film was Kodak Tri-x 400 –

img483 copy img458   img451 copy

This second set are with the digital M240, fitted with a 35mm Summilux f1.4 lens. Cameras aside, thinking about focal length, I’m starting to prefer the 35mm focal distance – I feel it puts more of a spatial environment with my subject into the image. I’ve recently required a vintage Wetzlar 35mm viewfinder so I can use this lens on the older M3 (more on this later)


A special thanks to Grant (Dad) for the reflector light fill, high expectations there really after your previous experience in the sunflower fields of Southern France!


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