With winds better than a facial scrub!


I recently flew into Inverness to join up with ‘The Leica Meet’ team, attending an organized photographic tour around the Isle Of Skye with seven other members from the meet. We quite frequently holiday as a family in that part of the UK in the Western Isles, but never Skye! So I travelled there with an open mind as to the landscapes we’d see.

As the title hints, the meet received a good mixture of weather in Scotland. Some of the inclement types exhibited real mood & emotion on the images taken. This answered a personal old photography question of mine – when to use & appreciate film grain!

Equipment wise, I decided to take both the M240 and a 1957 M3. Film choice was Kodak Ektar & Tri-X, being quite pushable within it’s limits. It was interesting chatting with other attending members & hearing their general aim to shoot minimal ‘free & light’ I think in future, it’ll be only the one camera to minimize any distractions.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 19.13.51So I thought I’d take along a 12mm wide angle lens with the normal 35mm Summilux. With the Isles having such unpredictable weather hence low light, I wanted to show another edge to my images, emphasizing perspective to give some kind of scale to this plentiful landscape.

With the heavy vignetting associated with the 12mm Voigtlander on digital, I quickly found myself using this to my advantage when photographing through bridges & tunnels etc.


The trip also reminded me the need to keep one’s spatial awareness & vision open wide… It’s pretty surprising to stand cocooned amidst closed terrain in bad weather looking for inspiration when a multitude of things are always happening around you. I recall a funny moment earlier on in the trip. Totally oblivious, I was  pointed to a rainbow overhead… my hilarious reaction/reply was ‘but I’ve only got black & white film!’
These meets are an incredible experience with the other LTM members, discussing and sharing photography styles & experiences. We all came together with a common interest in Leica, it was interesting & educating to see everyone’s niche on this.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed such talented company, good food & an excellent Talisker single malt..

L1004397  L1004627 L1005068 L1005099  L1004566 L1005023 L1005048 L1005073 L1005079 L1005082 L1005209_CF-C

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